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About the Livet Wellness Centre

The Livet Wellness Centre gives birth to a renewing experience, and focuses on 3 key, interrelated Holistic Health factors which encompass mental, Physical and Spiritual aspects of Self. Health imbalances and nutritional gaps are significantly contributed to western lifestyle and DIETS. The Livet Concept, Livet Movement and Livet Wellness Centre, identifies the Emotional and Dietary reasons for diseases and guides clients on the path to perfect health.

Give yourself the gift of holistic healing therapy. Our Live 90 PHD cleansing and renewal program has a 100% success rate of reversing major diseases because it combines proven scientific research, personal new discoveries and time honoured healing modalities.

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Our Facilities

The LIVET WELLNESS CENTRE is located in Barataria, just 10 minutes from Port of Spain.
This Holistic Haven features (3) three beautifully designed treatment rooms providing
1. Massage Therapy,
2. Hydro Colon Therapy and
3. Floatation Therapy, the most effective healing treatment

Our facility also features (4) four elegantly designed, and comfortable treatment rooms for clients who desire personalized on-premises treatments, inclusive of Fasting for the reversal of many major diseases, and other major illnesses. It also features a tranquil outdoor setting with a poolside lounge with waterfall accents. Our professional LIVET team including Co-founder Kassandra Kernisan, a practicing Naturopathic Doctor in Montreal, played an integral part in perfecting the LIVE 90 P.H.D program. Kassandra will be launching the revolutionary Livet Lifestyle for the first time in Canada.
Discover true balance by immersing yourself in our therapeutic environment that will restore and revitalize you. (Perfect Health Discovered)

What is a Livet?
A Livet is a holistic lifestyle which focuses on helping you become your highest self by bringing your mental, physical and spiritual aspects into a natural balance. This is achieved mainly through nutrition, herbal supplements, therapeutic treatments and lifestyle changes.

A Livet concentrates first on the brain and the foods, thoughts and emotions that feed it. The brain is the command center of the body and thus a very important organ to focus on while bringing all other bodily organs into balance. It is this emphasis on Positive Thoughts and Live Foods in accurate proportions that creates perfect balance in a Livetarian.

The results of this program allow for optimum mental performance, a body that functions at its peak and the realization of your full and true potential.

Livet Versus Diets
Diets don’t work! The very word has a negative connotation!
A Livet is the exact opposite of a Diet.

The Human body needs specific amounts of vitamins and minerals daily to function at optimal levels and Livet ensures a balanced level of nutrition!

In the case of a Diet, the first syllable is the word DIE. This subconsciously sends a destructive message, which is the last instruction you want to give your brain to follow. 

According to the CARICOM website (, the World Health Organisation (WHO) estimates that over 35 million people per year die of chronic disease, which is about 60 per cent of all deaths. Predictions for the next 20 years include a tripling of heart disease and stroke mortality in Latin America. Livet aims to reverse this alarming trend by instructing our bodies to LIVE and by giving the body and mind all the nutrition it needs to flourish and reach its full potential. The human body is limitless in its ability, so we should constantly strive to achieve higher levels of self. A Livet lifestyle unlocks this hidden potential for greatness in everyone who commits to the program.

About Dr. Livet

The inspiration that planted the seed for LIVET WELLNESS began 10 years ago when Uchenna Hackett degenerated to the worst diseased state of his life. Uchenna, CEO of CONNECT Ltd, a company that offers leading IT solutions to Government and other Clients, was so busy growing the business that he resorted to unhealthy food options, namely fast foods. He ballooned from 180Lbs. to 297 Lbs. in just two years, suffered Mercury poisoning symptoms from Amalgam fillings, and developed Chronic Sinusitis, Systemic Candidiasis, Chronic Joint pain, Migraines, Kidney Disease, Severe Memory loss, A.D.H.D and Leaky gut syndrome.

The root of his problems began after his battle with Meningitis at the age of (7) seven, a disease that usually kills, cripples or causes brain damage. Desperate for relief from his lifelong symptoms, Uchenna, 25yrs at that time, finally decided to find answers and got advice from a Medical Doctor. The recommendations were to use Antibiotics for pain and Nasal spray for Sinusitis forever. Instinctively he knew there had to be a solution that did not include using dangerous drugs and sprays for the rest of his life.
After numerous attempts and spending thousands of dollars on supplements, Weight loss programs, Ab machines, Gyms and so on, a cycle of weight loss and weight gain became daunting. An alternative doctor linked his conditions to DIET, which gave him some relief, but still no resolution to his deep rooted and seemingly incurable conditions.
Realizing that the information about Diets, Disease and cures were contradicting, he become an independent researcher. He thought the best way to solve this mystery was to listen to stories from all sides and prove them true or false by testing theories on himself. His library of books on Vitamins, Herbs, Healing and the Human body, provided pieces of the puzzle needed to find what would eventually become the key to the successful Livet Lifestyle.
Uchenna’s first 30 day fast using only water and coconut water coupled with colonics gave him his biggest answers. He discovered that on the 24th day of his fast, he had more energy from not eating anything than he had all his adult life! He also found relief of all his symptoms and had new found mental clarity. He knew for certain that something was drastically wrong with our food supply. True healthy eating could not be followed strictly because of lack of choices and a compromised version of eating brought back most of the symptoms after the fast.

He knew that in order to heal himself and others he would have to change the game. Over the years, he recommended Fasting and Gallbladder flushes, cleansing herbs and colonics to family and close friends and those that took up the challenge, got results! He realised that he should speak positive words about foods and nutrition and hence replaced the word Diet with Livet, the birth of a name destined to change how clients approach their lifestyle to intuitively live.
Uchenna travelled to the USA to meet and learn from Dr. Llaila Afrika, a world renowned author and natural healer. Dr. Afrika has been curing diseases for over 30 years, and after successfully completing his Holistic Health Certification course, Dr. Livet discovered the missing pieces to the puzzle. He created the revolutionary Live 90 PHD Program and has since modified methods, treatments and herbal formulas encompassing 10 yrs. of research, personal experiences and his new training!
The result is a 100% success rate for treating Diabetes, Tumours, Systemic Candidiasis, Leaky Gut Syndrome , Weight loss, Skin Eruptions, and Chronic pains to name a few. Dr. Livet now has the tools to test for diseases and treat clients based on their specific needs and has finally launched his true calling; the Livet Wellness Centre, offering the most affordable and comprehensive solution for Perfect health available today.
Today, Dr. Livet enjoys the best health he has ever experienced, thanks to his years of research, training and practicing what he preaches!

Qualified by results from his many clients, Dr. Livet fully assures that anyone that commits to the programme will achieve their anticipated health goals and even some unexpected ones!

Uchenna Hackett, known as Dr. Livet by his clients has a profound passion for holistic healing and a desire to liberate his clients from a life of disease! He does this by educating them through workshops tailored to inspire their inner healing ability using the Livet P.H.D (Perfect Health Discovered) lifestyle.

A Message from Dr. Livet

Tired of Sickness, Tiredness, Pain and misleading Diets, I resolved to find a permanent solution for the many conditions I suffered! The DIET food Pyramid is one of the biggest challenges facing societies today, since the misinformation within, ensures painful Lives and Deaths!

It’s heart-rending that we have accepted weakness, disease, painful lives and deaths as the Norm Value! I’ve often wondered if there is anyone anywhere, that does not have one complaint or another from DIET’S. Imagine people in the prime of their lives, Overweight, Tired, Infertile and Sick! We have been forced to live a very destructive Lifestyle and it’s very difficult to escape it! It took me 10 years of going back and forth to perfect a constructive Livet Lifestyle, and it’s my passion to ensure it only takes you 90 days!

A human being should live a long healthy pain free life and one day peacefully go to sleep and meet their maker! Pain, loss of Hair, Teeth and/or Senses is your unique body language warning you visually or painfully that you are de-generating due to vitamin and mineral deficiencies caused by DIETS! I know it’s challenging, breaking the addiction to everything that’s bad for you, but I can assure you Perfect health is worth the effort! You have one Life to be your Best, do great things and produce Beautiful Children that will represent you and inspire future generations!
Many say they don’t want to Live to be old or they must die from something! Has current stressful conditions like Crime, Poverty and Disease taken away your Joy, Motivation and the first innate human desire, Self-preservation, the very desire to LIVE? Don’t you want to be around for your Grand children or even great, great Grand children, so you can meet and influence them with your abundant wisdom!

A Livet Life style was created to Re-Educate, Inspire and motivate the profound change needed to be constructive and create awareness! Awareness that we have the power as consumers and citizens to choose Chemical free, Non Genetically Modified, Non Hybridized products for ourselves and children! That decision today, will ensure that we and future generations and have the chemical free environment required to ensure perfect health!
Don’t Live everyday as if it’s your Last, Live it as if it was your First! Bursting with youthful Energy, Optimism and Positivity!


Our Vision
To reset the global standard for health  & wellness based on our Holistic approach to healing which incorporates live foods, herbal supplementation and lifestyle changes.

Our Mission
To promote, educate and inspire holistic wellness, change people's approach to nutrition and empower our clients to achieve perfect health.


Clients at the Livet Wellness Centre undergo a comprehensive, holistic assessment including:
Urine and Saliva PH Test
Multistix® Urine Analysis
Blood Pressure Evaluation

Family History
Full Body Assessment
*Analysis of face, palms, skin eruptions, scars, hair loss as these indicate a degenerated state of the related organ
Glandular Test
*Analysis of the health of your Glands and Organs
Emotional Eating Assessment
*Evaluates your emotional eating habits and suggests healthy substitutes

Polycystic Ovaries
Erectile Dysfunction

Back pain
Nerve Damage
Mental Illness

High/Low Blood Pressure
Joint pain
Irregular Menstruation
And other conditions…


Click to View Floatation Video

Stress Energy Release Oasis
SERO Gravity Floatation Therapy @ Livet Wellness Centre (LWC)

Immerse yourself in our uniquely designed Flotation room that puts your brain in a Theta Healing state by simply entering the Relaxing, Spacious Organically designed therapy room. It features a spacious float Pool, Rock shower, Rock Cove, Plants and Calming light accents.
Floatation is a method of rest and relaxation. Completely isolated from the troubles of the outside world, the client is immersed in a relaxing, (9) Inch deep detoxifying bath filled with (800) pounds of Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate) excellent for drawing out toxins! The water, maintained at Skin temperature (93.5 degrees C) creates the unexplainable feeling of weightlessness as if floating peacefully on air. With Brain activity completely relaxed, energy can now be redirected to accelerate healing.

Benefits of Floatation Therapy for Stress and Weight Loss.

Academically studied in the USA and in Sweden with published results showing reduction of both pain and stress, Flotation therapy has been proven to be very effective at lowering the stress hormone cortisol which causes anxiety and contributes to weight gain and stubborn belly fat.

Effect of Floatation Therapy on the Pineal Gland.
Floatation therapy is a powerful relaxation inducer; it causes your brain to release endorphins, and activates the Theta brain state where chemicals namely Melanin and Melatonin are produced by the Pineal Gland for deep healing. Melanin the healing hormone, inhibits the growth of certain types of Cancer cells and inhibits the indications of Tumors and Carcinogenic agents.

Diseased states that benefit from Floatation Therapy include;
• Hypertension
• Muscle tension
• Migraines
• Anxiety disorders
• Chronic pain
• Psycho-Physiological problems
• Relieves insomnia
• Improves blood circulation
• Rheumatism
• Arthritis

Floatation therapy is the most effective detoxification and restorative treatment available. We encourage you to float your troubles away and book an appointment today to visit our Healing Centre!


The LIVET WELLNESS Centre offers a wide range of Therapeutic and relaxation massage treatments and the benefits derived from them are endless. Whether Therapeutic, Pampering or Rejuvenating, Massage therapy can be a powerful addition to your overall wellness goals!

Studies have shown that over (90) ninety percent of disease is stress related and high stress has been proven to age us faster both internally and externally. Ideally eliminating anxiety and pressure in today’s fast paced world would be idealistic and a massage can, without a doubt, aid with stress management.

Massages have been associated with decreased anxiety, enhanced sleep quality, increased energy, improved concentration, increased circulation and reduced fatigue. Additionally people often report a sense of perspective and clarity after receiving a massage. The emotional benefits gained from a massage can be as essential and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits.

Continuous research has shown the vast benefits of touch which ranges from treating chronic diseases, neurological disorders, and injuries, to alleviating the tensions of modern lifestyles. Even the medical community has embraced the effectiveness of massages as it is being incorporated to treat post surgery patients.

While getting a massage can do you a world of good, getting a massage frequently can do even more. Maintaining this form of routine self-care can play a huge part in your overall health and youthful countenance with each passing year.
Scheduling a massage into your budget and busy lifestyle is truly an investment in your health. Keeping in mind that just because massage feels like a pampering treat doesn’t mean it is any less therapeutic. Take the time to Love and restore your body, come to the LIVET WELLNESS SPA, it’s a necessary component for your health and wellness plan! Call or Send us an e-mail to book an appointment today! -


Magnetic Cupping has been proven to be successful in reversing various health conditions. Dr. Livet has developed a highly effective technique of enhancing Colon Therapy, Gall Bladder Flushes and other treatments by incorporating Magnetic Cupping and Massage techniques.
Learn how you can benefit from these new and amazing techniques by visiting our Livet Wellness Centre for a Holistic Health Assessment.
With Magnetic Cupping Therapy, suction cups are applied to the skin's surface and a vacuum effect is created using a suction gun. This relaxes tissues and muscles through pressure and stimulates accupressure points on the body.

Magnetic Cupping is useful in the treatment of:

Stretch Marks
Fat and Cellulite
Spine Alignment
Chronic pain
Uterine Fibroids
Tumors and Cysts (especially those close to the skin surface)


Needleless Acupuncture uses magnets instead of needles to stimulate acupressure points.

The Benefits include:

Eliminates pain
Restores mobility from sport and other injuries
Allergy Relief
Weight Loss
Boosts immune system
Eases anxiety and insomnia


The LIVET Wellness Centre offers three levels of Internal cleansing with our newly introduced Colon Hydro Therapy room. A healthy colon and digestive system is critical in achieving perfect health. An impacted or clogged colon is a breeding ground for Candida Ablicans, Parasites, Bacteria and other harmful Micro organisms.
An unhealthy colon is the result of the inability of the body to process highly refined, carbohydrates and acidic foods. The end result is a colon that is sensitive, sore, ballooned, twisted, impacted, gas filled, blocked or pro lapsed.
Our current typical diet essentially consists of refined, processed, acidic, highly saturated fats, sugar, flour and chemical laden meats. Hence it is very common to find people with unhealthy and weakened digestive systems!
An unfortunate but characteristic sign of colon toxicity in women and one of their most common complaints about their figures is their potbelly. This condition may be very simple to correct by adopting an improved health regimen. For many people, the signs of a dysfunctional colon have so much become the norm that they don't even suspect their health is in danger!
Since Optimum colon health is fully dependent on the quality of foods we eat and the body’s ability to process it, our goal at the LWC is to help our client attain their best health ever starting with the detoxifying and restoration of their digestive system.
Modern stressful life fosters the consumption of highly acidic, processed foods and exposure to environmental toxins, Colon Hydrotherapy is an important aid purging the body of accumulated metabolic waste.

The 45 minute session aids to rid the body of traffic jam toxic waste. Via a tube inserted approximately 2 inches into the rectum, Ozone and UV treated water (optional) circulates the colon dissolving and removing an avalanche of mucus plaque and fecal impaction.

Benefits of Colon Hydrotherapy includes:

Weight loss
Expulsion of parasites
Relieves gynaecological disorders
Stimulates peristaltic action of intestines
Gives a sensation of well being.
Elimination of parasites

Ozone Colonic Therapy

At the LIVET Wellness Centre & Holistic Spa our premise is to provide our clients with the most efficient source of healing known. Hence we take pride in the quality of the products and services at our Spa. One such product is the availability of Ozone Colonic Therapy.

Ozone is one of the most powerful Oxidizers known to man and it has proven abilities to kill viruses, bacteria, parasites, and fungi on contact. It is also one of the best ways of supplying life giving oxygen to the body which also acts to regenerate and rejuvenate old and tired organs and cells.

It immediately acts to strip away the waste matter and to clean the colon wall and will automatically clean your lymphatic system, allowing your body to dump many of the stored toxins and wastes immediately. This often leads to weight and fat loss and to a feeling of increased energy and vitality.

Ozone destroys all pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses in your colon as all the dangerous microorganisms in humans that cause disease are anaerobic, meaning they cannot tolerate a high oxygen environment.

It has been scientifically proven that Cancer cannot grow in a high Oxygen environment, so by flooding your colon with Ozone and Oxygen you’re a providing the ultimate insurance policy to your body, it is far better to prevent Cancer than to try to cure it!

Benefits of Ozone Colonic Hydrotherapy includes:

Assists with cholesterol
Stops infection and inflammation
Helps the liver produce more bile to aid the absorption of lipids
Reverses digestive problems
Cleans the colon yeast infection and parasites.
It also helps to control blood pressure
Restores pH balance
Restores proper digestion
Reduces bad odors.

After a session of Ozone Colonic Hydrotherapy you will often feel a sense of well-being and have lots of energy and vitality. This is a direct result from the removal of the waste products, toxins, chemicals, parasites, and bacteria that have been causing you so many health problems for many years within your colon.

Consider the Ozone Colonic Hydrotherapy as one of the most powerful Insurance policies for your colon and for your whole body that money can buy.

About the LIVE 90 PHD Cleanse

The Live 90 PHD Cleanse is unique and developed to utilize proprietary Wild crafted Herbal Formulas over 90 days, to fully remove and restore the body from years of Toxic Traffic buildup. It focuses on Pre-Digestive Organs namely (The Brain, since digestion starts with your Thoughts, Stomach, Liver & Pancreas), Post Digestive system (Small intestine & Colon) and all other bodily systems. The human body is the first food processor and if it can’t process the foods we eat, it converts waste into a Hump, Lump or a Bump!!

The Problem; DIET causes Disease & Death!
Tumors, Cysts, Fibroids, Belly Fat, Cellulite, clogged Veins & Arteries and all skin eruptions, is your divine body wisdom safely keeping Fat, Waste andToxins out of the Blood supply!
Modern Acidic Diets which are Chemical Laden, Sugar Loaded, and Genetically Modified are destructive to Pre and Post Digestive Systems! Major Pre- digestion occurs in the Duodenum, where Bile produced by the Liver is secreted by the Gallbladder which Emulsifies Fats and breaks down Carbohydrates, then Pancreatic Juices further helps to break down Fats, Proteins and Carbohydrates. When the Digestive system becomes fragile from toxic DIETS, every time we eat, poorly processed foods clogs the Colon with toxic waste, inevitably setting the stage for chronic Diseases! Hence the reason why 6 out of 10 people are dying from a chronic disease!! We are literally playing Russian roulette with a Spoon, Knife, and or Fork whenever we eat!!

The Solution; an entirely new approach to Nutrition, Cleansing and Wellness!
A LIVET and Live 90 P.H.D Cleanse!
For a period of 90 days, we journey with you through the three stages of your Traffic Light coded Detox! Red, Amber and Green Months are each tailored to bring you one step closer to Perfect health. Upon completing a Holistic Health Assessment our team takes you on a path to wellness which educates, inspires and motivates you every step of the way!
A Livetarian Lifestyle P.H.D Guide, LIVET Live Food Nutrition Chart, New Tasty LIVET Live Food Recipes, a LIVET 90-day Journal which tracks your Emotional Cycle and LIVET Light Expert Web and Phone Support, provides you with the care needed for your success. The Emotional Cycle Wall Chart helps you to track your behavioral patterns and eating habits. This helps you to link the emotional triggers that causes over eating and addictive food cravings.
Awareness of habitual hidden self, gives you the tools to make the necessary changes needed to manage stress and perfect a healthy Livet Lifestyle!

CHANGE Red Month
Utilize a holistic approach To cleanse the mind & body. Detox the body from waste, Parasites, Colon Impaction, Blood impurities & toxins using Wild Crafted Herbs. Effectively remove waste via a personalized schedule Of fasting, colonics & Gall Bladder Flushes. Experience effortless weight loss Improved skin tone, pain relief & Relief from Diseased symptoms. Empower, strengthen & inspire Yourself to perfect health.
CHANGE! RED, Month 1!
Stop! Are you on a path to wellness or pain and chronic diseases? Do you have a Toxic Traffic Jam of waste?

RED Month focuses on a complete Holistic body and mind cleanse of a Traffic Jam of Waste and Toxins accumulated from years of poor eating and Lifestyle Habits!! Our Multi-Ultra Cleanse is a proprietary blend of powerful Organic Wild Crafted herbs that eliminates waste and toxins from the body! Pre & Probiotic formulas are also used to replenish Good Bacteria needed for optimal colon health! All herbs included in this pack has been proven to Cleanse; Parasites, Candidiasis, Colon Impaction, Cellular waste, Blood Impurities, Liver, Gall Stones, Kidney Stones, Spleen, Lymphatic system
This month is just One of Three tailored for complete internal cleansing and rebuilding of all major bodily systems. A personalized schedule of Fasting, Colonics and Gall bladder flushes are highly recommended for each client for maximum results! Diseased states are easily eliminated via effective waste removal!
Red, our passion for positive change inspired by Love of self, since Love of self prevents us from knowingly harming our bodies and by extension our loved ones with Toxic foods, Thoughts and harsh chemicals.
Plant your seed for profound Change!

Red, also symbolic of courage, strength and a pioneering spirit was the color selected for this month since all these traits are necessary to empower and inspire the change needed to stick to the Live 90 PHD Cleanse! Your Live 90 PHD Cleanse package also provides you with free Non Hybrid Organic Heirloom Tomato and Cayenne pepper seeds with easy growing and nutritional information and instructions!

What to expect in RED month?
During this month many clients experience;
Effortless weight loss, Increased energy, Greater Creativity, Mental clarity, Improved skin tone, Reset taste for Sweet and Salt, Control over Foods Cravings, Enhanced Body Wisdom, Improved Vision, Pain Relief, Major relief from common Disease Symptoms.
GROWTH Amber Month
Achieve properly functional Immune & Digestive Systems. Grow in love with the best fuel growth & energy as you supercharge, rejuvenate & nourish your body. Follow the Amber Month Livet Nutrition Guide to achieve maximum results.
Experience Disease Reversal, Amplified Energy, Enhanced Memory & Faster Hair Growth.
Become restful & not stressful as You journey on to nutritional growth.

Growth! Amber, Month 2!
As the Toxic Traffic Jam eases from RED Month One, it slows down your disease symptoms and will soon bring them to a screeching halt!

Amber symbolizes energy! It’s also excellent at removing self-imposed obstacles and imparts a positive attitude fueled by Confidence and Love of Self.
Following another Holistic Health Assessment to track progress and Tailor healing from Red Month 1, Amber Month 2 focuses on fueling Growth with Energy via powerful Wild crafted Herbs that Super Charges the Brain, Immune and Digestive systems! Ultra Immune, LIVE Tonic Blends and Pre & Probiotic formulas are utilized to further Cleanse, Rejuvenate and Nourish these critical organs!
All Products included in this pack has been time tested to effectively Strengthen the;
Brain - Liver - Pancreas - Kidneys - Small and Large Intestine (Colon) - Thymus Gland - Spleen - Pineal - Pituitary Glands.

Digestion provides the energy needed for Peak Brain performance and bullet proof Immunity! That’s why we focus our attention on further rebuilding the Digestive system since it and the Nutrition fed to it, holds the secret key to Immunity and Perfect Health!
Immune system organs when functioning properly are a perfect line of defense for our bodies. Most people however, suffer from weakened Immune systems from years of poor Diets, Stressful life styles, Antibiotic and other harmful drug use. ALL DRUGS WEAKENS THE LIVER!
The Liver, a vital organ with predominate Immune functions becomes weak as a result, since it is the first line of defense to remove toxins from the blood. Stress and lack of proper sleep also contribute significantly to a weakened Immunity.
During this period we recommend you follow the Amber Month Livet Live food Guide, since it was designed to provide optimal nutrition while you consume our powerful Herbal Tea blends for best results.
Plant Seeds for Energetic Growth!
Earth energy provides the minerals for growth and development. Growth in nature is powerful yet slow, graceful and consistent! The Live 90 PHD pack also comes with two seeds with easy instructions on how to plant them. These plants will enhance your journey while providing nutrition for growth and a strong Immune system. Yellow Sweet Peppers and Wheat Grass are for seeds for this month!

What to expect in Amber month?
During this month many clients experience;
Disease Reversal - Amplified Energy - Heightened Creativity - Mental Clarity - Increased Psychic abilities - Better Observation Skills - Enhanced Memory - Improved skin - Faster Hair Growth - Enhanced Body Wisdom - Improved Vision

New life explodes as you Grow in love with the best You ever! Powerful Wild Crafte Herbs ignites Vitality & Reproductive Health. Experience a New Sense Of Purpose, Strength & Vitality Renewed Sexual Energy Bladder Flushes. Follow the Livet Nutrition Guide & become a LIVETARIAN. Achieve Health Independence
Sustainability! Month 3, Green
As you emerge feeling energetic and rejuvenated, Free from Food Addictions, Pain, Diseases and a Toxic Traffic Jam! You’ll experience other unexpected benefits including Better Focus, Peace of Mind, greater ability to give and receive Love, Heightened Spirituality and Psychic abilities!!

Green Signifies Peace, Alleviates Nervousness and brings Serenity. It helps to balance the body and spirit, something that’s key to Perfect Health!
Upon completing a third (3) Health assessment, which focuses on fine-tuning your specific Health Goals, you’re well on your way to Health Independence! This month also focuses on Reproductive Health and Vitality as a Healthy body is required to reproduce the best part of you, something we call Genius Gene Sustainability!
Our powerful Wild crafted Herbal Formulas; Men Ultra Steel and Female Ultra Harmony Fires up Re-Productive health. Together with LIVE Tonic Blends and Pre & Probiotic formulas to solidify the work done in Red and Amber Months! During this final phase of the program clients should follow our Green month Livet Live food guide for best results along with herbal teas!
As previously stated, we only use the finest, highest quality Herbs that have been timed tested to achieve great results!
Plant your Seeds for Sustainability and maybe even Gene Sustainability!
New Life explodes everyday with green vitality that covers the planet! We have a responsibility to keep it that way! Say no to HARMFUL CHEMICALS, TOXIC FOODS and SAY NO TO DRUGS as they harm our bodies and destroy our environment! By planting your Heirloom Organic Seeds this Month, you’re well on your way to chemical free food security and sustainability!
The Live 90 PHD Cleanse pack comes with (3) seeds this month with easy instructions on how to plant them. These plants will teach you the value of sustainability, Inspire nurturing and insure proper nutrition is only a couple of foot steps away! String Beans, Cucumbers and Okra are your plants this month, growing instructions and nutritional benefits are included!

What to expect in Green month?
Many clients at this month experience;
New sense of Purpose - Renewed Sexual energy - Profound Creativity - Greater Focus - Crystal Clear Mental Clarity - Peace of Mind - Strength & Vitality - Enhanced Body Wisdom - Improved Vision


Red Month

Utilize a holistic approach To cleanse the mind & body. Detox the body from waste, Parasites, Colon Impaction, Blood impurities & toxins using Wild Crafted Herbs. Effectively remove waste via a personalized schedule Of fasting, colonics & Gall Bladder Flushes. Experience effortless weight loss Improved skin tone, pain relief & Relief from Diseased symptoms. Empower, strengthen & inspire Yourself to perfect health.

Amber Month

Achieve properly functional Immune & Digestive Systems. Grow in love with the best fuel growth & energy as you supercharge, rejuvenate & nourish your body. Follow the Amber Month Livet Nutrition Guide to achieve maximum results.
Experience Disease Reversal, Amplified Energy, Enhanced Memory & Faster Hair Growth.
Become restful & not stressful as You journey on to nutritional growth.

Green Month

New life explodes as you Grow in love with the best You ever! Powerful Wild Crafte Herbs ignites Vitality & Reproductive Health. Experience a New Sense Of Purpose, Strength & Vitality Renewed Sexual Energy Bladder Flushes. Follow the Livet Nutrition Guide & become a LIVETARIAN. Achieve Health Independence


Sauna and Floatation Floatation and Sauna Video Testimonial
Click Here to View

Livet Love Story
VIDEO Click Image to View
After 60 years of living on American soil, artist, art teacher, composer, vocalist, Talita Long, has been spiritually uprooted and transplanted back into the ancestral seedbed of her parents. Mother of actress Nia Long, she's in Trinidad to reclaim a part of her that she knew but not very well. The vibe has been so strong that this is the second time she's been back in the last six months

After nearly 4 months of a crippling Hip pain and hardly being  able to walk due to trapped nerves and tangled muscles, I met up with Uchenna (by accident or coincidence) at my home where he came to consult with me about some design work for Livet.

He immediately noticed I was in a lot of pain and offered to help.  Having already visited three Top local independent  specialists, Osteopaths, and Massage Therapists (at considerable expense) and with no result,  I was willing to try anything that would bring me relief.
He returned the next day with some  oils and dried herbs and in the comfort of my own home set to work. Immediately he identified many painful pressure points from my neck to my feet that I would  never of thought would be causing the pain in my hip.
After the massage (although a little sore) there was very clear signs of relief. He left me with some herbal Tea and within two days I was walking my dog for the first time in months,  within a week I completed a lap around the Savannah. Incredible!
Uchenna has a very spiritual mind and an amazing abilities. I have directed many other people to Livet and ALL have returned with positive comments and results.

Thank you
Robert Edge (Founder of )

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